Love Bubs Reusable Wipes


Handmade in Levin by Love Bubs!

Save even more money and choose a healthy alternative to disposable baby wipes for your little one’s bottom. By using reusable baby wipes, that you wash after each use, you can cut down on chemicals that come into contact with your precious little ones delicate skin.

How to use washable baby wipes:
Washable baby wipes are simply squares of cloth, similar to face cloths or flannels that you use to wipe you little ones bottom at change time. You simply wet the cloth and then use it to wipe, they are also ideal for wiping sticky hands and faces. There are a number of different recipe’s that you can use on your reusable baby wipes, but plain water works fine, simply wet as needed, or keep a small stash wet in a plastic container ready for use. Change the water regularly to avoid smells or the water ‘going off.’ Once you have used the cloth i wipe, simply wash with your cloth nappies and then reuse on the next occasion.

Size 20x20 cm

2 layers (80% viscose bamboo 20% polyester terry)